Star Trek Day event 8 September

8 September 2021 is the 55th anniversary of Star Trek and the 100th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s birth. These events are being celebrated with a “Star Trek Day” event.

Hosted Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton at the Star Trek Day website, the event begins at 8.30 pm East USA Time 8 Sept (approximately 11.30 am, 9 September, Canberra time) with hours of interviews, live performances, announcements, ‘reveals’ and an orchestral performance of Star Trek themes.

The events will include panels for each of the five current Star Trek series, namely: Discovery; Lower Decks; Picard; Prodigy; and Strange New Worlds. These panels will include cast members and producers.

There will also be a Roddenberry Legacy Panel featuring a conversation with Gene Roddenberry’s son and the CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Rod Roddenberry, alongside Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, and George Takei as they discuss the Star Trek creator’s indelible impact on science fiction and culture.

Bureau of Magical Things

Season Two of the Australian fantasy TV series The Bureau of Magical Things is screening on the free-to-air digital channel 10Shake on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It is also available on 10Play.

The Bureau of Magical Things is a G rated comedy fantasy adventure aimed at teens and based around a magical warehouse in a detailed magical world.

The premise of the show is – The human and magic worlds co-existed in harmony, but as technology advanced, the magic world was pushed back, and fairies and other magical creatures became endangered species. Now, someone wants to change that and restore magic to its rightful place. When Kyra uncovers a threat to both the human and magic worlds, she must try to unite humans, elves, and fairies in order to save them all. Kyra and Peter must solve the mystery of who the enigmatic figure is and how they will achieve their goal. The investigation leads them to uncover secrets in both the human and magic worlds that no one could have imagined.

Season One of The Bureau of Magical Things is streaming on Netflix.

Reset games

If you’re spending some time in lockdown playing computer games you may be interested in Reset. Reset is a documentary series that explores gaming including the history of video gaming.

Reset is on SBS Viceland at 10.30pm on Fridays. Note it is rated MA 15+.

If you are playing any games at the moment, what are they and how good are they?

CSFS meetings and lockdown


As we’re all aware, the ACT is on a COVID-19 lockdown, which includes restaurants and clubs being limited to takeaway food only and essentially no gatherings.

At the moment the lockdown is continuing until 2 September 2021, inclusive.

We have cancelled the August and September meetings and we will advise you when the meetings will restart.

Stay safe and healthy and stay at home everyone.

Some of the SF new to streaming services this month

While some entertainment is unavailable, Australian television stations and streaming services are releasing new (or at least new to Australia) and classic television programmes.

This is a small selection of the science fiction and fantasy television programmes coming to some of our streaming services in August:

What If? season 1. 11 August, Disney+.
Based on the comic book of the same name, this animated series which explores alternative versions of Marvel movie stories. What if Peggy Carter got the super serum? What if Yondu abducted a different child? What if… ?

DC’s Stargirl, season 2. 11 August, Foxtel and Binge.
A teenage girl is chosen by a powerful relic to be the one person to use its’ power.

Lower Decks, season 2. 13 August, Prime Video.
This is an animated Star Trek satire which follows the misadventures of the crew, especially the junior crew, serving on one of Starfleet’s lesser-known ships.

War Of The Worlds, Season 2. 18 August, SBS on demand and SBS television.
Small murderous robots have been killing mankind and the survivors band together in a terrifying modern world. This show is vaguely inspired by the H.G. Wells novel of the same name.

The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf. 23 August, Netflix.
Animated movie set in the world of The Witcher. Escaping from poverty to become a Witcher, Vesemir slays monsters for coin and glory but when a new menace rises he must face the demons of his past

Britannia, season 3. 25 August, Foxtel Now.
This fantasy action series, set in 43AD, depicts the raging war between the Roman Imperial Army and the Celtic heart of Britannia.

Disney Gallery / Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Episode 10. 25 August, Disney Plus.
Documentary about the making of The Mandalorian season 2.

Supergirl, season 6. 25 August, Foxtel and Binge.
The final season of the American television series which is based on the DC Comics character Kara Zor-El.

National Science Week events in the ACT

Yes, National Science Week is going ahead!

14 to 22 August is National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.

There are 52 in person National Science Week events due to occur next week in the ACT. Many of these are for students, with some open to everyone.

To find the 52 ACT events, 202 online events and 8 competitions for National Science Week, go to then scroll down and click on the “search events” button.

Some free in-person events intended for adults or families include

There are 27 online free events specifically for adults.

Exploring the significance of science fiction and fantasy posters

Recently the society was approached by Rhianna Morse, a PhD student who is researching science fiction and fantasy posters, as in large paper posters and would like to survey people who own these posters. If you are interested, Rhianna’s message and links to her survey are below.

Please note, the Canberra Science Fiction Society is supportive of research but we have no association with or affiliation with this researcher.

“My name is Rhianna, and I am doing research at Brunel London University in the topic of Film and Television Studies. My research is called ‘Windows of Fantasy: The Significance of Science Fiction and Fantasy Film and Television Posters’ and is on science fiction and fantasy posters. The aim of the research is to explore the significance of science-fiction and fantasy posters for individuals and groups as a source of cultural significance and meaning.  This could help generate a better appreciation of what posters really mean to their owners.

As part of this, I am searching for adults (18-80) owning science-fiction and fantasy poster(s) who could participate in my research project by completing an online survey.”

Rhianna’s online survey can be found at and further details are on her studies website

Other contacts

Twitter @PhD_Posters

Instagram @phd_posters

Tumblr (@)PhDPosters

Facebook (Group) Windows of Fantasy (Sci-Fi and Fantasy Posters)

Discord (Server) Name of Server: Windows of Fantasy: The Significance of Science Fiction and Fantasy Film and Television Posters

Classic Doctor Who episodes coming to Stan in August

Classic Doctor Who has been very hard to find on DVD in recent years. On August 12th the Stan streaming service will have the following classic Doctor Who stories available to view. The chosen stories involve multiple Doctors or Daleks or Cybermen, with a few reconstructed missing stories as well:

William Hartnell Doctor

  • The Daleks (Season 1, 1963. Second story of Doctor Who)
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Season 2, 1964)

Patrick Troughton Doctor

  • Power of the Daleks (Season 4, 1967, recently animated version of a lost 1967 story)
  • The Macra Terror (Season 4, very recently animated version of a lost 1967 story)

Jon Pertwee Doctor

  • Day of the Daleks (Season 9, 1972)
  • The Three Doctors (Season 10, 1973. 10th anniversary special)
  • Planet of The Daleks (Season 10, 1973)
  • Death to the Daleks (Season 11, 1974)

Tom Baker Doctor

  • Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12, 1975)
  • Revenge of the Cybermen (Season 12, 1975)
  • Shada (Season 17, 1979. This story was cancelled at the time and reconstructed recently using archive footage and animation.)

Peter Davison Doctor

  • The Five Doctors (Season 20, 1983. 20th anniversary special)
  • Resurrection of the Daleks (Season 21, 1984)

Colin Baker Doctor

  • Attack of the Cybermen (Season 22, 1985)
  • The Two Doctors (Season 22, 1985)
  • Revelation of the Daleks (Season 22, 1985)

Sylvester McCoy Doctor

  • Remembrance of the Daleks (Season 25, 1988. 25th anniversary special)

Dining out – returning to Flavours of India

The Canberra Science Fiction Club usually meets twice each month. The first Thursday is a General Meeting and on the third Thursday members, friends, family or guests can gather together to talk and eat at a restaurant. Each person pays for their own choice of meal. Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to belong to the club to join in. The only requirement is that you notify the Secretary at least two days before attending the dinner.

The Secretary has pre-selected the restaurants for this year and the cuisines are varied – Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, Malaysian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Nepalese, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese, just to name a few. Most restaurants have a banquet as well as a normal menu.

July’s choice was Indian cuisine. After just 4 months, we again gathered at Flavours of India at G90 Corrina St, Phillip. We had dined there many times and said we would be back. And we were. As usual we were looking forward to an excellent meal. Yet again we were not disappointed.

They remembered us so well that when I approached the restaurant (I can only walk distances with the aid of a Tri-walker), the staff were waiting to open the door to assist me. And had reserved a lovely table up near the back where my ‘wheelie’ could be parked and wouldn’t get in the way of other guests. You can’t get better service than this. Talk about wonderful, friendly and helpful staff.

As usual, while we waited for everyone to arrive, we were offered drinks. The drink menu is very wide and varied – wines, beers, ciders, spirits, soft drinks, juices, lassi and a selection of hot drinks. What more could we ask for?

We didn’t have the usual banquet. Everyone ordered their favourite meal. So on with some of our selections.

Entrees included

  • Samosa Deep-fried crisp triangles of spiced peas and potatoes, Beautifully cooked and so tasty. You have to try them to see just how good they are.
  • Sweet Potato and Spinach Chat Sweet potatoes, spinach, wheat crisps, date and tamarind chutney. Mouth watering

Mains of:-

  • Chetttinad Chicken, Chettinad (Southern Style) Lamb/Beef/Chicken/Prawns. An aromatic treat from the Chettiyar Business community of Tamil Nadu.
  • Lamb cutlets, cooked to perfection and so, so tasty
  • Chicken Korma, That usual wonderful tradition dish
  • Lamb Rojan Josh. Has anyone not tried this traditional dish?
  • Kadai Beef Something new on the menu to us, and to quote the diner “wow, what a dish! Remember this for the next visit” (Note from me – oh dear, I had to forgo my two favourites Golgappa and Kosha Mangsho, goat. If you want to know about these, look at their extensive menu online.)

With the usual accompaniments of

  • Rice – A fragrant accompaniment to any meal.
  • Riata – Yoghurt and cucumber to compliment the spicy tastes.
  • Papadams – Love those crispy wafer-like snacks.

And this is not the full list of their dishes. Just look at their menu online, or better still, look in person.

Dessert for those who wanted it –

  • Gulab Jamun and Belgian Chocolate Mousse, or Mango Rasmalai Homemade cheese patties, or Almond Pista Kulfi Homemade Indian ice-cream with almonds and pistachios and berry coulis, or Vanilla Ice-cream. Choice of toppings: Mango/Strawberry/Caramel/Chocolate. Who can resist their ice creams? Not us!
  • Then coffee or tea to round off the meal.

What a meal! What can I say to add to everyone’s compliments? It was just so good! While I though the chef was top-notch after our last visit, I am now convinced he is even better. Perfection.

We all had a excellent time and very, very much enjoyed the food. We will definitely be back there again.

GammaconLite announced

The organisers of Gammacon have announced that their convention is returning as GammaconLite later this year.

In a 26 July email the Gammacon team announced:

Keeping with current COVID-19 restrictions GAMMA.CON will return in 2021 with some limitations on size and content the event will still be at Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC) and run for two days over December 18-19.

“It’s been a busy year for GAMMA.CON, finding dates that don’t clash with other conventions, determining what can run considering travel and event restrictions. We think we’ve found the best solution in these tricky and uncertain times!   

Have a Pop Culture Christmas, just before the end of 2021 (was better than 2020….right?). We’ll have more announcements soon, including vendor and artist alley sign ups and details on the cosplay competition, games area, GAMMA@Night and more.”

There are no details yet on what the limitations on size and content of the convention will mean practically. However, the Gammacon team is undertaking research as part of the Idea to Impact Project with the Canberra Innovation Network. This includes conversations with past attendees to help the team develop their future events.

Keep an eye on the Gammacon website and their facebook pages for future updates.