SciFi Movies at Arc Cinema

The Arc Cinema at the National Film and Sound Archives  is screening a series of movies titled “American Movie Treasures: Universal’s Horror Movies”.

Some of the movies are horror, some are most definately Science Fiction, and all are shown with one or two episodes of the 1936 Flash Gordon cinema serial (16mm).  Although most if not all of these movies are available on DVD, Arc does give the opportunity to see projections of these movies (35mm projections) in a cinema.

The movies are:
Sat 7 July, 4.30pm, The Old Dark House. 1932. On a dark and storm cliched night an eccentric family takes in a collection of travellers. The travellers soon discover they’re in a house full of gothic cliches. (Plus Flash Gordon ep 5)
Sat 7 July, 7.30pm. The Bride of Frankenstein. 1935. Sequel to Frankenstein and considered by many to be a better movie. (Plus Flash Gordon ep 6)
Sat 21 July, 4.30pm. Tower of London. 1939. Basil Rathbone as the future Richard III of England with a business plan of regicide. (Plus Flash Gordon eps 7 and 8)
Sat 28 July, 4.30pm. This Island Earth. 1955. One of the best of Hollywood’s 1950’s space operas. (Plus Flash Gordon eps 9 and 10)
Sat 4 August, 4.30pm. The Incredible Shrinking Man. 1957. One of Hollywood’s more interesting paranoid science fantasy films of the 1950’s. (Plus Flash Gordon ep 11)
Sat 18 August, 4.30pm. Duel. 1971. On a mountain pass, a car aggressively overtakes a semi-trailer and the truck driver has a bad case of road rage. (Plus Flash Gordon ep 13).

Also, not part of the horror series, is:
Sun 5 August, 4.30pm. Starship Troopers. 1997. Paul Verhoeven’s B-grade slock version of Robert Heinlein’s novel which completely missed the point of the novel. (Plus Flash Gordon ep 12).

Tickets are $11 ($9 concession) and available from 9am Monday for the coming week’s session, either at the box office or by phone 6248 2000.  The NSFA also notes that tickets must be collected by 15 minutes before the session or they may be resold, and tickets will only be refunded up to 20 minutes after the commencement of the screening.


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