SF Movies at Canberra International Film Festival

The 2012 Canberra International Film Festival  is to be held from October 31 to November 11 2012. The festival is being held across 4 venues (National Film & Sound Archive, Canberra Theatre, Dendy, and National Gallery of Australia).

The science fiction and semi-science fiction movies being screened are:

ARC Theatre, National Film and Sound Archive

  • Grabbers. 2012 SF comedy. UK. A remote Irish fishing village is invaded by aliens that can’t kill you if you’ve been drinking alcohol.  Thurs 1 Nov 6.15 pm, and Fri 9 Nov 8.15 pm
  • Crawlspace. 2012 Australian SF thriller. A taut, futuristic thriller that follows a group of soldiers sent into an underground military research facility, where they meet more than their minds can deal with. Sat 3 Nov, 2.15 pm.
  • Errors of the Human Body. 2012 Sci-fi thriller – Australian, German, USA co-production. A taut psychological thriller, set in the mysterious world of genetic engineering, sees one man on a dangerous world of discovery and redemption. Thurs 8 Nov 8.15 pm, Fri 9 Nov 4.15 pm
  • Hundra. 1983 USA sword and sorcery, B-grade movie. A female version of Conan the Barbarian. Sat 3 Nov, 4.14 pm
  • The Stuff. USA 1985 Sci-fi horror. Introduced by the writer-director Larry Cohen, this is a B-grade sci-fi horror spoof about a mysterious white substance that comes out of the ground and is made into ice cream. But ‘are you eating it – or is it eating you’? Fri 2 Nov, 8.15 pm

Outdoor screenings. National Film and Sound Archives.

  • Q The Winged Serpent. 1980’s SF horror. USA. A giant flying lizard is brought back to life to terrorise New York in this highly original, classic 1980’s monster movie. Sat 3 Nov, 8.15 pm
  • Robot Monster. 1953 USA Sci-Fi c-grade movie. Dress for the end of the world and come and see one of the worst sci-fi monster films ever made. Sat 10 Nov, 8.15 pm

National Gallery of Australia

  • Keyhole. Canada 2011 thriller. A gang leader takes refuge in a house full of 1940’s ghosts, molls and tough guys. Sat 3 Nov, 2pm

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