Doctor Who 50th Anniversary to be the world’s largest drama simulcast

If you’ve missed the news that’s flooding the SF parts of the internet … the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who is called The Day of the Doctor as the BBC will be “conquering the Earth” on november 23 (UK time).

75 countries across six continents will simulcast the tv show with the BBC. So, as UK audiences are watching it on the evening of Saturday 23 November, fans in Australia can watch ABC1’s broadcast early morning on Sunday 24 November (the same time as the UK).

‘The Day of the Doctor’ will also be screened in 3D in cinemas across the world. In Canberra, the following cinemas are already selling tickets very quickly for the 3D screenings on Sunday 24 November:
Dendy, Civic
Greater Union, Manuka
Hoyts, Belconnen

The BBC has an interactive map which shows all the 3D cinemas across the world that will be screening “The Day of the Doctor”.


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