See back to the Big Bang and the Complexity of the Universe

Two free science forums are happening in Canberra on March 25.

Seeing back to the Big Bang – the SKA telescope’s unlimited potential (National Library at 1pm) will tackle one of the most exciting science and technology projects of this century, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope”.

Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt, Professor Brian Boyle and Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith will “address all the big issues: Will the telescope really be able to see back to the birth of the universe? How will the telescope detect the possibility of life in other galaxies? What will the SKA tell us about whether Einstein was right about gravity and the other laws of physics?”

The other forum is Complexity and the arrow of time. Is the universe getting more complex? (Australian National University at 6pm). “This is the question Dr Charley Lineweaver has tried to answer in his recent book Complexity and the Arrow of Time (edited with Dr Paul Davies and Professor Michael Ruse).

“In this talk, and the Canberra launch of the Complexity and the Arrow of Time, Dr Lineweaver will review their contributions and discuss the universe complexity question from a cosmological point of view.”

Further details and booking information can be found at


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