March Turkish delights

The Canberra Science Fiction Club usually meets twice each month.  The first Thursday is a General Meeting and on the third Thursday members, friends, family or guests can gather together to talk and eat at a restaurant.  Each person pays for their own choice of meal.  Everyone is welcome.  You don’t have to belong to the club to join in.  The only requirement is that you notify the Secretary at least two days before attending the dinner.

The Secretary has pre-selected the restaurants for this year and the cuisines are varied – Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, Malaysian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Nepalese, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese, just to name a few.  Most restaurants have a banquet as well as a normal menu.

March choice was Turkish cuisine. We gathered at the Turkish Delight at 5 Weedon Close Belconnen. Many attendees had dined there last year and were looking forward to an excellent meal again. We were not disappointed.

According to the sign outside, this restaurant is under new management. 10 of us attended. Leigh and I were the first to arrive and there seemed to be a little confusion at first. (We were not the only group booked.)

The quality of the food has not changed – it is still excellent. As far as we could tell, the menu was unchanged. They have a wonderful menu range – you can check for yourself on their website. Their menu includes hot or cold drinks and alcohol is available.

As usual, we looked forward to our the Banquet. All 10 of us selected the banquet for $35.00. A small cost for an excellent meal of:-

  • Turkish bread with the usual 4 dips (Beetroot, Carrot Cucumber and Hummus)
  • Cheese roll (Feta, parsley and dill) and Zucchini balls.
  • Pide (Turkish pizza)
  • Kofta (lamb and beef meatballs)
  • Iskander Kebab (Beef slices with tomato sauce, garlic and yoghurt)
  • Sis Tavuk (marinated chicken pieces on skewers)
  • All served with rice and salad.
  • A wonderful desert of Turkish Delight and Baklava.
  • And Hot Apple Tea served to complete the meal.

What a meal! The comments were all complimentary (like A1! Great, Satisfying, Excellent and so forth) – except for one small note. The person who was last to take their share of salad found the salad have a little too much oil dressing for their liking. (This may have been only because the oil had settled in the bottom of the bowl by then.)

Everybody had a excellent time and very much enjoyed the food. We will definitely be back there again.



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