SF and fantasy events in our region

Some upcoming events in our region

  • Conflux Grimm Tales – Canberra’s annual speculative fiction convention. Friday 29 September to Monday 2 October, at the Hotel Vibe next to the Canberra Airport. Guests of honour – Ellen Datlow and Angela Slatter. Membership is $250 for the weekend ($200 concessional membership) or $70 for the day.
  •  Goulburn Steampunk Victoriana Fair – an annual retro-futuristic fair, essentially a mixture of a mini-convention and a fete. Saturday 14 October, at the Goulburn Historic Waterworks (a steam powered museum). Entry is $5, come as yourself or in costume.

Two weeks to Gammacon

Canberra’s pop culture convention, Gammacon, will be happening on August 5 and 6 at the AIS arena in Bruce.

The event is a bright, affordable two days of costumes, computer gaming, panels and events. This year’s guests include the hosts of ABC’s “Good Game Spawn Point”.


Gammacon convention this weekend

GAMMA.CON, Canberra’s own pop culture convention, is happening this Friday 23 (from 6pm) and Saturday 24 May (from 9am).

Gamma.con co

vers videogames, anime, manga, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, books, movies and TV shows.

GAMMA.CON’s programme includes panels, screenings, cosplay, art, competitions, game tournaments, live events and more.


The convention venue is the Hellenic Club, with tickets only costing $30 at the door. More details at http://www.gammacon.org.au/

(The CSFS does not have official involvement in Gamma.con. We’re just encouraging a fun event!)