Canberra fan’s collection on exhibition

Canberra collector Timothy Kirsopp is displaying his entire collection of Doctor Who memorabilia in the exhibition, ‘Bigger on the inside: Collecting Dr Who’.

The exhibition is an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest collection of Doctor Who related memorabilia.

Items document everything Whovian from Daleks and the TARDIS to the Doctors and their companions. Timothy’s collection ranges from miniatures and toys to books and board games.

At the Canberra Museum and Gallery, 176 London Circuit, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2601. Open daily. Exhibition ends November 20


Shakespeare and Science Fiction

Today is the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s plays have been borrowed by or provided inspiration to science fiction and fantasy authors and movie and television creators.

One of the most obvious ‘borrowings’ is “Forbidden Planet”, the 1950s retelling of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. There are many other examples, with long running franchises such as “Star Trek” using many characters and ideas and often direct quotes, for example in “Star Trek V”.

Its not just Shakespeare’s works that are used. The author has been used as a character in stories, for example “Doctor Who” and the “Blackadder” time travel special.

Do you have a Shakespeare influenced science fiction or fantasy story, comic, movie, tv show etc? Please leave a comment and let us know

Science Fiction Pop Art

There are quite a few cheap shirt sites online that sell cheap, printed t-shirts. The shirts are only available for 24 hours and the small print runs have allowed these companies to print fan art.

One of these sites is, which seems to enjoy producing t-shirts which have either fun or quite serious fan art.

If you like a smile or interesting poster art then Teefury’s gallery of previous releases is worth a look.

Here are a few examples –

Doctor Who –

Game of Thrones meets Masters of the Universe –

Star Trek meets Futurama –

Firefly –

Games of Thrones –

I really like the fun of Castle Greyjoy , which is what would happen if the merchandisers for Masters of the Universe made Games of Thrones toys. Even the price tag has a clever comment.