Potterfest in Canberra

Calling all House Elves, Hinkypunks and Hogwarts alumni, the Palace Cinema is holding a Potterfest movie marathon over the October long weekend. If you feel like watching all the Harry Potter movies in 20+ hours then this is the event for you.


Replicants and RUSes and flying elephants

As a part of their Cult Classics movie series, Dendy is screening two very different ’80s classic movies.

9 May will be the day for “The Princess Bride” and rodents of unusual size and on 15 May “Blade Runner” will be screening.

While on the other side of town, Limelight is screening classic Disney animated fantasy movies starting with “Dumbo”.

Today is International Fanworks Day

February 15th is International Fanworks Day, the first annual day to celebrate fanwork of all kinds. Writing, crafting, costuming, reviewing, role playing games, photography, creativity related to fandoms, and more.

The Organisation for Transformative Works has organised the day to “celebrate all iterations of fansworks across the world”. Further details including a fanwork drabble are at http://transformativeworks.org/news/international-fanworks-day-here

What fanworks do you enjoy as a creating or consuming? What makes it special?

Return of the One Man Rings

The One Man Lord of the Rings show is returning to Canberra.

The show is an hour of fun for any Lord of the Rings fan. In an hour, Charles Ross performs an very abridged version of the three books/movies – The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King – including brief nods to the parts of Tolkien’s stories that were left out of the movies.

The show is just Charles Ross on stage with no props or fancy costumes.

The show will be at The Playhouse for 1 night only – 12 July.  Details are at Canberra Theatre ticketing

I really enjoyed this show when it was here a few years ago and highly recommend it.
Katrina d

Game of Thrones skipping a week

For those of us following the drama of life in Westeros, Easteros and Beyond The Wall, Game of Thrones will not be on this week in the USA and Australia (and everywhere else). HBO is skipping screening the show on Memorial Day in the USA, which apparently wasn’t a good evening for ratings last year.

As we’ve been deprived of some new episodes, why not tell us which episode or scene was your favourite.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition

The Powerhouse Museum has another fantasy exhibition which is open now.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition,based on the film series and C.S. Lewis’ beloved fantasy books, opened at the Powerhouse Museum on 12 May 2012 and continues until 26 August 2012. The exhibition is described by the museum as a

“state-of-the-art entertainment and educational experience offers visitors the  opportunity to tour scenes from the famed literary world of Narnia. Through  authentic costumes, props and set dressings from the magical Narnia films, visitors will enter a three-dimensional world that combines the wonders of science with aspects of fantasy.

“Narnia scenes and  characters will captivate visitors and take them on a journey of discovery. Can  animals communicate with humans? Can we really manipulate the climate? How does  our existence impact the Earth? These are but a few of the science-related  questions raised in the exhibition that will challenge people to think about  how they live today.”

There’s more information at the exhibition’s website.

This is the most recent in a series of exhibitions on fantasy and SF film and fiction. Previous exhibitions have included: Lord of the Rings exhibition; science and models of Star Wars; and props and sets from the Harry Potter movies.